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USAF Humanitarian Airlift Operations 1947-1994

Operation Vittles - Berlin Airlift
Berlin Airlift Articles
Task Force Times (newsletters)
    Operation Vittles
     A Mission to Berlin 1949

Deep Freeze - resupply of Antarctica
50 Years Of Operation Deep Freeze
1984 OPORD
1985 DF Mission Commanders Report
1986 OPORD
1988 OPORD
1996 DF Interview
1997 Phoenix Penqiun
1998, Navy OPORD 2-88
1999 Ice Drop briefing

Deep Freeze photos
Mid Winter Drop photos

Deep Freeze 1961 MATS

Armenia Humanitarian airlift to Armenia after esarthquake2
Humanitarian airlift to Armenia
C-5 trip to China - in support of project 172

C-5 trip to China

Cuban Missile Crisis- Nov 1966
USAF Response to Cuban Crisis

Cuban Crisis - mostly SAC alert

Helping Hand - humanitarian aid after 1964 Alaskan Earthquake
1964 Operation Helping Hand
Ernest Will - airlift of helicopter aniti-mine units
Ernest Will Task Paper

Ernest Will photo

Sri Lanka- Cyclone relief 1978
Sri Lanka photos
Fiery Vigil - Evacuation of Clark after Mt Pinatubo erupted
JTF Firey Vigil
Mt Pinatubo Flyer 1993
Flight orders
Guyana - recovery of bodies from Jonestown
Guyana Articles
Guyana photos
Deny Flight - Enforcement of No-Fly zone over Bosnia

Deny Flight - KC-135 operations and AR
Deny Flight 1 1993-95 - Missile load, ramp ops

Provide Relief - Initiative to secure and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian relief during the Somali Civil War.

Provide Relief 1992

Provide Hope - Humanitarian aid to former Soviet Republics
Provide Hope OPORD and Sitreps
Provide Hope photos
Restore Hope - Expanded peacekeeping in Somalia began after the failure of UNOSOM I (1994).
Provide Hope I 1
Provide Hope I 2
Provide Hope I 3
Provide Hope II-III, tanker support

Support Hope - Provide immediate relief for the refugees of the Rwandan genocide (1994).

Support Hope photos

Support Hope - Interviews and overview

Safe Passage - Operations designed to relieve the overcrowded migrant camps at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base

Safe Passage 1995

Miscellaneous photos

Various photos

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