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Major General Donald D. Brown, Commander 22 AF, 1987
Major General Russell L. Waldron, Commander WESTAF, 1987
Col John S. Baughman, Deputy Commander Operations, 60th MAW, 1986
Col Anthony J. Burshnick, Vice Commander, 60th MAW, 1982 End of Tour Report
Col Thomas Connelly, Deputy Commander Resource Management, 60th MAW, 1984
Col Earl H. Heal, Deputy Commander/Air Trans, 60th MAW, 1987 End of Tour Report
Judge John A. DeRonde, Municipal Court #1, Solano County, 1 March 1977
Col Gail S. Halvorsen, USAF Ret.Berlin Airlift "Little Vittles", 13 May 1988
Col Thomas D. Pilsch Commander, 60th MAW, 3 Apr 1988
Col Robert W. Sample Commander, 60th MAW, 1984 End of Tour Report
Col Allen L. Trott Commander, 60th MAW, 1979 End of Tour Report
Col (BG Select) Robert W. Woods Commander, 60th MAW, 27 May 1986
LtCol Bruce Sooy POW, scrapbook
Combat Mission diary, Capt James Grey, B-17 1944
Combat Mission diary, Phillip Rose, B-17 1944-45

Class Books
Class 41-I, Rankin Aeronautical Academy, Tulare, Ca
Class 42-J, Army Flying School, Chico, Ca
Class 42-K Sequoia Field Visalia CA
Class 43-F Minter AAB Shafter, Ca
Class book Mesa del Rey, Palo Alto Airport, King City, Ca
Class book 43-B Lemoore CA
Class book 43-G Hemet, California
San Marcos Army Air Field
Tyndall Field Gunnery class 43-4l
Class book Santa Ana, California


Photos - WWII Pacific Theater, Phillipines and islands
Photos - China, Burma, India Theater, Flying Tigers, Hump, 11th Bomb
Camp Crowder - author unknown, WW2 basic training camp
Scrapbook #2 - Conklin, pre-WW2 seaplanes and ships
Pirate's Log Historical recort of 6th Bombardment Group
26th Photo Squadron Video scrapbook of the 26th Photo Squadron, WW2
26th Photo Squadron index Index of Video scrapbook of the 26th Photo Squadron
Burgess Fron the Beginning B-29 Militart Reminiscences of WW2 - Billy Burgess
Rainey - Our Tour in Europe B-24 Shroyer's Crew - B-24 in WW2
USO Shows
USO Shows - Alaska

Know Your Enemy:Viet Cong
POW Families

POWs (from CD as compiled by R.L. Compton)

Edward Sager's Africa Diary
The Longest Mission
StalagXVII Membership Roster
The Town & Camp Stalag VII A
Belaria Stalag Luft III Sagan

POW Camps

Japanese Camps
Japanese Camps - Pacific List
Japanese Story 1-82
Japanese Story prelude
Japanese Camps in China
Bridge House Jail, China
Fengtai, China
Kiangwan, China
Naval POW Camp, Shanghai, China
Tientsin, China
Ward Road Jail, China
Woosung, China
Camps in Japan
Akenobe # 6
Fukuoka # 1
Fukuoka # 2
Fukuoka # 3
Fukuoka # 10
Fukuoka # 11
Fukuoka # 17
Fukuoka # 22
Hakodate Branch 2
Hanawa Sendai 6
Hitachi d-12
Makaishima Camp D 2
Notogawa 9-B
Osaka 3 Oeyama
Osaka 5 B
Osaka 12 B Hirohata
Osaka, SakuraJima
Roku Roshi
Sedai 11
Umeda Bonshu
Utashina Hokkaido
Zentsuji Headquarters Camp

Other Pacific Camps
Hoten, Mukden Manchuria
Korea, Jinsen Camp
Mukden Manchuria
Taiwan Formosa Camps

POW Camps: Philippines
A Initial Camps Philippines
Billibid Prison
Camp O'Donnell
Davao Penal Colony
Manila Port Area
Pawan Barracks
P-Camp 1 & Cabanatuan

Hell Ships
October Ship
SS Oryuku Maru

Europe Camps
A Summary of the POW camp related sites
Camp Conditions General
Dulag Luft - Transit Camp
Dulag Luft
German Orders for PW
Hohemark Hospital
Marlag und Milag Nord
Oflag 13 B
Oflag 64
Reserve Lazarette
Stalag 2 B
Stalag 3 B
Stalag 7 A
Stalag 9 B
Stalag 17 B
Stalag Luft 1
Stalag Luft 3 Belaria
Stalag Luft 3
Stalag Luft 4 1997
Stalag Luft 4 march
Stalag Luft 4
Stalag Luft 6

POW Stories
Battan , Corregidor, & the Death March
ETO Winter 1944-45 Story
FRANCE 23 Days of Hell
Japan - B-25, 11th AF
Java Sea - A Battle for Life (Poem)
Makasor City, Celebes -USS Alden Pope
Omari - Minos D. Miller, Jr. Experience
Bataan - A Lucky POW
Bataan - General King
Bataan - Momenents of Reflection
Bataan - The Navy's Infantry
Japanese Story prelude
Japanese Story 1-82
Philippine scouts
Pine County POWs
Liberation of Manila
Santo Tomas - Liberation
Thanksgiving Day
Siam-Burma Railway
Philippines - Through Fire and Through Water
Stalag III-A - Liberation - Wimberly
Stalag III-B Hidden Camera
Stalag III-B Lensman Secret Focus
Stalag III-B March
Stalag Luft I Barth Hard Times
Stalag Luft III The Great Escape (Details RAF)
Stalag Luft III The Longest Mission
Stalag Luft IV - Just Another bowl of soup
Stalag Luft IV - The Last Mission
Stalag Luft IV Harless Joe
Stalag Luft IV -The Prisoner
Stalag Luft IV
Stalag Luft VI - Baltic Cruise - Taylor
Korea - Camp 5
Korea - Camp 8
Korea Festa, Robert K.- B-26
Korea 50 Years later
Korean War Photos
Behind the Barbed Wire
Korea - The 1,600
Poems of the Philoppines
The Fleas
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