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We have some manuals for the following aircraft.
All manuals are "as donated" to the Heritage Center No effort has been made to verify page count or updates. Some are in good condition, others show wear and tear from age, weather and oily working fingers. They are for reference only.

B-1 Lancer
B-17 Flying Fortress
B-24 Liberator
B-25 Mitchell
B-26 Marauder
A-26 Invader
B-29 Superfortress
B-36 Peacemaker
B-47 Stratojet
B-52H Statrofortress
RB-57 Canberra

P-38 Lightning
P-51 Mustang
F-4 Phantom II
F-80 Shooting Star
F-84 Thunderjet
F-86 Sabre
F-89 Scorpion
F-94 Starfire
F-100 Super Sabre
F-101 Voodoo
F-102 Delta Dart
F-105 Thunderchief

C-5 Galaxy
C-7 Caribou
C-9 Nightingale
C-45 Expediter
C-46 Commando
C-47 Skytrain
C-54 Skymaster
C-56 Lodestar
C-97 Stratofreighter
C-118 Liftmaster
C-119 Flying BoxCar
C-121 Constellation
C-123 Provider
C-124 Globemaster II
C-130 Hecules
C-131 Samaritan
C-133 Cargo Master
C-135 Stratolifter
C-140 Jetstar
C-141 Starlifter

KA-3B Skywarrior, Navy
KC-10 Extender
KB-50 Super Fortress
KC-97 Statofreighter
KC-135 Stratotanker

AT-6 Texan
AT-17 Bobcat
PT-22 Recruit
T-28 Trojan
T-33 Shooting Star
T-34 Mentor
T-37 Tweet
T-38 Talon
T-39 Sabreliner
T-42 Cochise

H-21 Workhorse/Shawnee
P-2 Neptune
PB2Y Coronado
SA-16 Albatross
SH-3 Sea King
SNB-5 Kansan
O-2 Skymaster
U-1 Otter
U-3/L-27A Blue Canoe
U-6 Beaver
Link Trainer

Engines and
other Infernal Machines

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